Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saman Torabi (Iran)

I met the kindhearted cartoonist and caricaturist Saman Torabi at the opening of the Euro-Kartoonale 2017 in Kruishoutem.
He was awarded an honorable mention for his cartoon with the ghost under the shower. A funny cartoon indeed. When I asked Saman to sign for me in my catalogue I learned he is an architect. Drawing cartoons is a hobby for him and it makes him happy making people laugh with his cartoons.
He does not earn money with his cartoons, he told me, but he draws with love for the cartoon art. His art is digitally made with the help of Photoshop techniques. He has no own cartoon book, but he was so kind to offer me a nice set of his cartoons and caricatures beautifully printed on hard paper.
I like his cartoons. Hope you too...

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Peter Nieuwendijk

Painter, sculptor, designer, writer and cartoonist Peter Nieuwendijk (°Amsterdam, 1946) won this year's first prize of the Euro-Kartoenale 2017, the Golden Award.
He won with this cartoon:

Peter Nieuwendijk
Does Peter have an own cartoon book? No, but he has an art book... with a cartoon chapter!

You can discover the art of Peter in his book eye-witness (Artbooks, Hillegom, 2006, ISBN 90-808076-2-1, 124p.). The book gives us a fascinating view of the work of this multilateral artist.

Hereunder a preview of the graphical humor chapter in the book:

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Peter Nieuwendijk tells about his life and creative work...

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Jean-Loïc Belhomme (France, 1950) was awarded the silver award of the Euro-Kartoenale 2017 The Soul with this cartoon:

I remember I have one of his albums somewhere on my shelve. It's  'ça occupe'. An album containing light erotic cartoons, published in 1983 by Glénat France (ISBN 2-7234-0351-3).

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Bélom (Wikipedia)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Euro-Kartoenale 2017 - The Soul

Last weekend I was present at the prize award ceremony of the Euro-Kartoenale 2017. As always it was a fine evening and we had the opportunity to see a fine collection of cartoons about the soul theme.
This great variety of interpretations can be seen in the ECC exhibition and of course in the catalogue.

The catalogue costs 15 eur and can be bought in the ECC or the ECC E-shop.

Marco De Angelis - Italy

Leslie Ricciardi - Uruguay

Cartoon by Marilena Nardi

cartoon by Ward Goossens, Belgium

Saturday, February 25, 2017


In 2007, in the very early days of this blog, I received this cartoon in my inbox. It was drawn by Gie Campo (Belgium, 1952) , a noble unknown cartoonist to me (there a still much more cartoonists I don't know, than I know). Gie had an idea, drew this cartoon and was so kind to send it to us.

When I recently saw a cartoon book drawn by Gie Campo, I bought it of course.

The little book Meccano Cartoons (Ademloos/Straten-Generaal, 2012)  is about the problematic solution for the traffic problem around the Belgian city of Antwerp. There is much to do about how and where the route has to be build. The books was published in 2012 and the discussion about how to solve the traffic problem around Antwerp is still going on... Know that the discussion already started in 1995 and in 2017 the works for a better traffic still aren't started. This is Belgium. Sometimes I envy the Chinese government when it comes up to solid traffic solutions.

Gie Campo has a website CAMPRODUCTIES. Gie states that his company, with the aim of "promoting the general laughter" ,knows despite the severe economic crisis, a slow but steady growth.

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Guy Campo - Camproducties

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

BRASSER - Tijdloze Humor

Sometimes there is more than cartoon books. I found this exhibition brochure recently. If you like the work of a cartoonist, even brochures are worth collecting, like this one of the great BRASSER.  This brochure counts 20 pages of which half are filled with advertisements. Fortunately, some advertisements are for cartoon and graphic services. André Nollet and Emiel De Bolle were good friends of Brasser and they are still good Flemish cartoonists.

Learn more: Brasser on our blog.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Roger Penwill (UK)

From 29 January till 2 April you can visit the Roger Penwill cartoon exhibition in the ECC.
I really like the cartoons of Roger. His cartoons are an example of how good cartoons must be: witty, well drawn and to the point. And funny they are! If someone has to be introduced into the world of cartoons, just let him or her enjoy the cartoons of Roger. Look at their face and you'll see why.
If you are already a connoisseur of cartoon art, I would say the same thing: take a look at the cartoons of Roger. I'll look at your face and you will smile... if not, ... sorry, then you aren't a connoisseur.

A catalogue is available in the ECC webshop and costs 10 euro. For other cartoon books by Roger Penwill click here.

Roger Penwill (UK) is not only a great cartoonist. He's running a local folk club and he's playing an singing in a folk group. If you don't believe me, check this footage of his performance in the ECC. We all enjoyed it. For more songs, check Roger's YouTube channel.

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Assembled cartoons by Roger Penwill

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Marcin Bondarowicz

Yesterday we had the opening op the exhibition of Marcin Bondarowicz and Roger Penwill in the ECC. The surrealistic art of Bondarowiz is in great contrast with the witty cartoons of Penwill. It lets us discover the great variety in cartoon art.
In a next post I'll show you the art of Penwill.
The catalogue (ISBN 978-83-87994-06-8) was published in May 2016 by the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon in Warsaw and costs 10 euro and is available in the ECC during the exhibition and in  the museum.

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Marcin Bondarowiz' website  and
Cartoon Gallery