Sunday, February 5, 2017

Roger Penwill (UK)

From 29 January till 2 April you can visit the Roger Penwill cartoon exhibition in the ECC.
I really like the cartoons of Roger. His cartoons are an example of how good cartoons must be: witty, well drawn and to the point. And funny they are! If someone has to be introduced into the world of cartoons, just let him or her enjoy the cartoons of Roger. Look at their face and you'll see why.
If you are already a connoisseur of cartoon art, I would say the same thing: take a look at the cartoons of Roger. I'll look at your face and you will smile... if not, ... sorry, then you aren't a connoisseur.

A catalogue is available in the ECC webshop and costs 10 euro. For other cartoon books by Roger Penwill click here.

Roger Penwill (UK) is not only a great cartoonist. He's running a local folk club and he's playing an singing in a folk group. If you don't believe me, check this footage of his performance in the ECC. We all enjoyed it. For more songs, check Roger's YouTube channel.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Marcin Bondarowicz

Yesterday we had the opening op the exhibition of Marcin Bondarowicz and Roger Penwill in the ECC. The surrealistic art of Bondarowiz is in great contrast with the witty cartoons of Penwill. It lets us discover the great variety in cartoon art.
In a next post I'll show you the art of Penwill.
The catalogue (ISBN 978-83-87994-06-8) was published in May 2016 by the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon in Warsaw and costs 10 euro and is available in the ECC during the exhibition and in  the museum.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Desert Island Cartoon Books

I've been fascinated by desert island cartoons for a long while. If you want to see a fine selection of those kind of cartoons you can check my Facebook page Desert Island Cartoons. It's a selection of cartoons I find now and then in cartoon books or at exhibitions.

For the moment I have 2 desert island cartoon books in collection. Inselcartoons (1971-1996) is the first one. The cartoons in the book are collected by Farhad Vladi, a real estate broker in, yes, desert island cartoons.

The second book is Inselcartoons by Mordillo (Lappan, 2012).

There is another book I am longing for... if I can buy I at a cheap price: South Sea Cartoons - Desert island guys, gals and gags (Harold Meyers, 1955-Avon Publ.).
You find a cartoon selection out of this book on Mike Lynch's blog.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Zaza Gravures - Het Geheim van het Konijn - The Secret of the Rabbit

In this second book out of a series of three (?) Zaza (Klaas Storme) makes us laugh again with old engravings whereunder or wherein he put his funny puns. What I really like about this book too  is the qualitative finishing: hardcover with carved and glossy print, nice paper and smell...

I've translated this little review by RV on the back cover of the book:

"The deceased engravers can turn around in their graves to heart's delight  - a little exercise goes a long way - while Zaza sneaks on tiptoe into their work.
You bet that this stowaway is a strange boarder, one that takes old cartoons with his 21st-century view of the world, and for his devilish fun, out of context.
He is the anachronistic saboteur who can make an aha moment, even from a desolate and barren landscape  . Because that's The Secret of The Rabbit's bottom line: it's something acute, an illuminated moment that suddenly provides a liberating insight into the fundamental silliness of everything you can think of." (Rudy Vandendaele)

Impossible love.

"Earl grey?"

Zaza Gravures Volume2 - Het Geheim van het Konijn, De Bezige Bij, 2016, 252 pages, hard cover, b/w, ISBN 978 90 234 9972 5, 24.99 eur)

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BELGIUM Et cetera...

In Belgium, caricatures have been around since the country’s beginnings. Since Belgium became a country, cartoonists have been livening up newspapers with their impossible to ignore satirical cartoons.

Belgium et cetera offers a unique sample of key moments in our history.
Twenty-two famous Belgian cartoonists take an unflinching look at our homeland’s past, in collaboration with writer, humourist and historian Gilles Dal.

Involved cartoonists: Kroll, Kamagurka, Karl, Marec, Lectrr, Zaza, duBus, Gal, Johan, Cécile Bertrand, Quirit, Ilah, Kanar, Kim, Vadot, Cost., Fritz, Steve, Joris Snaet, Clou, Fred and Sondron

Belgium Et Cetera... 1830-2030 in press cartoons is the book that accompanied the past exhibtion in the Belvue Museum . It offers a unique overview of the history of our fatherland Belgium. 22 well-known Belgian press cartoonists each give their own take on le plat pays since 1830, in their own style and idiom. Gilles Dal provided his worthy pen for the accompanying texts.

The book is published by Van Halewyck and edited by Gilles Dal and The Cartoonist. It counts 157 pages in full color, ISBN 978-94-6131-501-4, price 19.95 eur.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Encore! Encore!

Roger Blachon (1941-2008) is one of my favourite cartoonists. A selection of his cartoons was published shortly after his dead in 2009 in Encore! Encore! (Le Cherche Midi, 96 p, ISBN: 9782749114989)

"Black humor, tender humor, offbeat humor... Blachon had fun and enjoyed everything. This album traces a life of drawings - many of them unpublished - and the journey of an author passionate about his art and much appreciated by the general public."

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Halbritters Waffenarsenal

I like the humor of Kurt Halbritter (1924-1978). Last week I received from a German bookshop Halbritters Waffenarsenal (Goldmann Buch 1977, 156 pages, B/W, ISBN 3-442-08462-8).

I agree with this review I found :
"A demonstration of useless weapons of the well-known cartoonist Halbritter offers brilliant entertainment. The serious style of the documentary, which illustrates the unskillfulness of the armaments industry from antiquity to modern times, and is supported by detailed drawings, allows weaponfriends as well as pacifists to thoroughly consider the warfare practices.
If you like crazy inventions and fantastic excitements of creativity also with a slight smile, is here in the right place. "(miskaferl)

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